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pen-631321_1920I’ve been thinking about writing for a while now. With so much going on in the world around us every single day, I’ve been inspired to share my thoughts and ideas while pursuing my love for writing. So what will I write about?

I can’t help but notice the deficit of African voices and positive narratives about Africa in mainstream media, literature and sadly even my own graduate school curriculum. While we have certainly made so much progress, I believe we can do even better. Each one of us has the responsibility to shine a light on our continent and create the Africa we want.

‘Musizana’ is a word derived from my native language Silozi, and it means ‘girl’. As a young Zambian woman who is passionate about the empowerment of women and youth, my goal is to promote a narrative of Africa that raises the status of women and girls, while highlighting the ability of Africa’s youth, both men and women, to take control of our own destinies and that of our continent as a whole


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